Plein air art event in Markleeville

Fifteen artists from the area are going to Alpine County to capture some of our local beauty in their paintings.

From June 21-25 the public is invited to the Markleeville Plein Air Event. “En plein air” is a French term meaning “in the open air” or out-of-doors.

While many artists make sketches while outdoors and use photographs to work from, the plein air artist sets up an easel in a desirable spot and works each of the many steps involved right there. All of the artists at this event will be capturing landscapes while dealing with winds, heat or cold, wildlife, changes in sun and shadow, and people watching over their shoulders.

Host and organizer Evelyn Yonker will help people find the artists at various key locations in the county. She will have a map and information available at the Markleeville Art Gallery, 14841 Highway 89, next to the Markleeville Post Office.

Location information will also be posted online.

Many artists prefer the light conditions of early morning or evening, as that light lends more color than the noon sun.

Some of the spots will be Hope Valley and Woodfords Canyon, the East Fork of the Carson River, Markleeville Falls near Grover Hot Springs, and downtown Markleeville. Artists may choose any spot any day, except Saturday morning when all artists will be working in the town of Markleeville.

On June 25 from 2-4pm, there will be a reception at the Stone Fly Restaurant in downtown Markleeville with the artists and art collectors. The cost is $25 and space is limited. Call (530) 694.2787 to make a reservation.

All artwork produced will be for sale through the Markleeville Art Gallery. The gallery will exhibit the finished paintings to the public on June 25t from 6-9pm. The artwork will be at the gallery until July 31.

The gallery will be open daily from 10am until 6pm throughout the summer and fall.

All 15 artists are: Charles Muench, Thaleia Georgiades, Randall Tillery, Michael Bagdonas, Lady Jill Mueller, Bonita Paulis, Ray Freeman, Ron Schlorff, Sandy Baenen, Peter Chope, Kit Night, Ida Glazier, Erik Holland, Emma Auriemma-McKay and Greg Drinkwine.

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