Top of Heavenly by foot

Publisher’s Note: On Aug. 24, eight days after the author’s hike, Heavenly issued the following statement: Due to the recent mountain lion sightings on Roundabout, we will be closing the California trails for hiking and biking. This closure is indefinite. There will be signs placed at California base locations to indicate that the trails are closed due to the mountain lion sightings. If you come across hikers/bikers on the mountain, please advise them of the danger and request that they leave immediately. If you do see a mountain lion, stay in your vehicle and alert Dispatch immediately.

By Kathryn Reed

Skiing down Roundabout is about as easy as it gets at Heavenly.

Hiking or biking up it when the snow is long gone is another story. Suddenly the terrain seems steep in places. It is definitely not a green route in this direction.

It’s not that the hike it super strenuous, it’s just that it keeps going up. Most trails around the South Shore have a more gradual grade, with some straight-aways and even a descent along the way. Not so with this trek.

Some summers Lake Tahoe Community College offers sunset hikes, with the ascent to the top of the tram as one of the destinations.

Being on any ski trail without snow always is disconcerting for the skier/snowboarder because things just don’t look the same. But warmer weather also allows time to linger — taking in the views, not needing to have fingers turn blue while taking pictures.

The top of Patsy’s reports the elevation at 8,290 feet. Another hundred feet or so and the lake sprawls beyond Gunbarrel. The Stateline casinos, Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course and Nevada Beach are off the right. In the other direction are Ski Run Marina, Tahoe Keys and Camp Richardson.

Access the trail by driving past the California base lodge of Heavenly Mountain Resort, meander through the neighborhood and enter where the green US Forest Service gate is at the end of the road. Take lots of water, much of the trail is exposed.


Tahoe-Reno Olympic bid pushed back

The United States Olympic Committee deflected media reports that other American cities are hopeful to put forward efforts to land future Olympics by saying its main focus was to have Chicago host the 2016 Summer Games.

“While it is always encouraging to see enthusiasm for the Olympic Movement, the USOC has been on record for more than two years in proclaiming that there will be absolutely no consideration of any future bids – winter or summer – from the U.S. while Chicago is on the international stage,” said USOC CEO Stephanie Streeter.

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54 holes in a day Tahoe style

The golf season is short all around Lake Tahoe, which provides the golf nut a fine excuse to play 36 holes in a day: Do it now to make up for all of the golf one cannot play with the snow falling in December.

Besides, think of the money one would save. Rather than play golf two days in a row, thus requiring two nights’ lodging, and rather than spending nongolfing time, and, thus, money, in casinos, one can totally immerse oneself in the chase of the dimpled white ball.

OK, now that the rationalizing is complete, pack up the clubs and come along – preferably with three other like-minded golf nuts.

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Ultimate Boarder event coming to Northstar

The 3rd annual Ultimate Boarder Championship is March 13-20. It kicks off with the surfing stage in Seaside Reef, then moves to Northstar-at-Tahoe on March 19 for the snowboarding stage and onto the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno on March 20 for the skateboarding stage and crowning of the champion.

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DeCelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay

The 46th annual DeCelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay, the oldest distance relay in the United States, is June 12.

The start and finish is in South Lake Tahoe near the Y.

Runners go around the 72-mile lake.

The cost is $320 per team. Proceeds benefit area high school running teams.

April DeCelle Carter, race director, may be contacted at