• A river runs through the foliage

    A river runs through the foliage

    New England might be home to the most famous swath of fall foliage in the United States, but it isn’t the only place to see nature’s palette. The American River Canyon (Highway 50 between Echo Summit and Pollock Pines) is rich with color right now. Various shades of yellow — ranging from golden to pale […]

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  • Immersion in the SF arts scene

    Immersion in the SF arts scene

    By Susan Wood SAN FRANCISCO — Lake Tahoe could learn as much about tourism from San Francisco as the Western world could from the Egyptians about preserving ancient treasurers. That’s what I surmised from a recent trip to San Francisco. So often it’s the arts that get me to The City. Arts are precisely what […]

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  • Dumpster diving

    Dumpster diving

    Bears in Lake Tahoe are common — after all, these black bears (though many are brown and cinnamon in color) were here long before the region was developed. The problem is with open dumpsters like these because then the bears get used to eating human food. One bruin has been roaming around the Taylor Creek […]

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  • Kindertown’s doors open for now

    Kindertown’s doors open for now

    By Kathryn Reed “I attended the hearing (Thursday) because I was there the day it opened and I wanted to be supportive of its continued existence,” Dave Kurtzman said. He and a couple dozen parents filled the courtroom of El Dorado County Superior Court Judge Steven Bailey Thursday at 4pm, about two hours after the […]

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  • SLT city attorney requests public airing of grievance

    SLT city attorney requests public airing of grievance

    By Kathryn Reed Transparency within South Lake Tahoe’s city government is about as clear as mud, which is appropriate since plenty of it is being slung. But what it’s sticking to is even less clear. On Oct. 20 the City Council is expected to decide Jacqueline Mittelstadt’s future as city attorney. Mittelstadt told Lake Tahoe […]

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  • Storm wallops Sierra

    Storm wallops Sierra

    By Kathryn Reed and Susan Wood Pelting rain pummeled Lake Tahoe for more than 24 hours, making Tuesday one of the wettest days on record, which in turn is likely to make this a record month if storms keep rolling in. National Weather Service officials were a bit harried all day and didn’t have previous […]

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  • South Tahoe may ban plastic bags

    South Tahoe may ban plastic bags

    By Kathryn Reed Paper or plastic? One day that question may not be allowed to be asked in South Lake Tahoe. The city’s Sustainability Commission is developing a survey to send to business owners to find out how banning plastic bags in the city would impact them. The board is leaning toward creating incentives for […]

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  • LTWC returns bald eagle to wild

    LTWC returns bald eagle to wild

    By Kathryn Reed HOPE VALLEY – Seconds after she flew from the arms of Wayne McKnight, the young bald eagle was tested when two other raptors raced toward her. Holding her own, she dove, darted and averted harm. All three bald eagles landed in trees by Red Lake as a crowd of people above them […]

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  • $1 million to be cut from state parks in Tahoe

    $1 million to be cut from state parks in Tahoe

    By Kathryn Reed Keeping California’s state parks open doesn’t mean they will be fully operational. The governor is still cutting $14.2 from the parks budget. It’s just that the decision how to do that is being made at the local level. Pam Armas, superintendent of the Sierra District, expects to decide by November how to […]

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  • Swine flu prevalent throughout LT Basin

    Swine flu prevalent throughout LT Basin

    By Kathryn Reed This week California and Nevada received their first shipments of the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine. This is a good thing because several cases have been reported throughout the Lake Tahoe Basin. Twenty-four cases were confirmed on the South Shore in July, 11 in August and 29 in September. El Dorado County has […]

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