Chamber execs weigh in on SnowGlobe

By Kathryn Reed

SnowGlobe can be a divisive topic even in the heat of summer. For those who are bothered by the electronic music festival, their angst never really goes away.

Tami Wallace of the South Tahoe Chamber of Commerce and Steve Teshara with Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce flanked South Lake Tahoe Mayor Wendy David during her monthly “conversation” at the senior center on Wednesday. The purpose of the gatherings is for members of the community to ask questions about any topic, though usually there is a theme to start with.

The chamber presidents couldn’t escape having to weigh in on SnowGlobe.

“We are in support of SnowGlobe to an extent,” Wallace told the group. “We think it is absolutely in the wrong venue.” She said she’s tried to find a location other than the ball fields, but has been unable to.

Teshara said his chamber supports the event, but recognizes the impacts it has. He is hoping the changes made by the promoter for this year will bring significant improvements to those who are bothered by the noise.

One attendee at the July 18 conversation asked if the chambers could sponsor a gathering for business owners who have been bothered by SnowGlobe. So often all that is reported is how businesses support SnowGlobe and see it as a positive.

The woman who spoke talked about how she does everything she can to prohibit concert-goers from renting her vacation rentals, saying SnowGlobers are bad for business. She said there are enough families wanting to come to the South Shore at New Year’s that the music festival is not needed any more.

Others pointed out how the event has made Stateline less of big deal; and that it’s easier on public safety resources.

In responding to a question about why the casinos don’t do something interesting on New Year’s Eve for the crowds, Teshara said the reasoning is that so many who spill out into the highway at the bewitching hour are underage. The casinos don’t have any desire to attract more young people.

Vacation home rentals and the beach at Beach Retreat/Timber Cove were other topics.