Much of Desolation still looks like winter

Lake Aloha is still mostly covered with ice. Photo/Brian Homberger/USFS

The report and photos below are from U.S. Forest Service wilderness ranger scouting expeditions on July 2.

The trail around Upper and Lower Echo Lakes is completely melted out giving relatively snow free access to Tamarak, Ralston and Cagwin lakes.

Around the Lucille and Margery lakes junction, the trail to Lake Aloha is completely covered in snow. Aloha is 90 percent frozen, but breaking up fast from the heat.

GPS and/or map and compass are recommended to find the trail along with proper footwear, clothing and gear. Keep in mind your mobile device may not work in some areas. Develop an emergency plan in case you cannot call for help and always go with a buddy, never alone.

Do not walk on frozen or partially frozen lakes. The snow can be very weak and brittle late in the day.