Opinion: McClintock’s words energize opposition

By Marcos Breton, Sacramento Bee

Barbara Smith never set to become anyone’s definition of an “anarchist.”

How subversive can one be when living in the bucolic community of Auburn? The county seat of Placer isn’t where one goes to bring the down the government. Auburn is where one goes to retire, which is what Smith did with her husband, Roy.

Smith, 61, is a former Elk Grove school teacher. Roy is a retired military man who also wore a badge in the California Highway Patrol. She is in four – count ’em, four – book clubs. She only joined Twitter in January, and the photo she picked for her profile highlights her sweet smile and “mom” glasses.

But an “anarchist” is what Smith has become, at least in the eyes of Rep. Tom McClintock. During the past six weeks, she has been one of the hundreds of vocal people attending McClintock’s town hall meetings to express concerns about the policies of President  Trump and McClintock’s support of them.

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