Reverberations of death of Northstar ski instructor

By Jules Older, San Francisco Chronicle

It was the last place and he was the last person you’d associate with death.

Dennis Baltimore and Jillian Torrez

Dennis Baltimore and Jillian Torrez

In the middle of the day, on a gentle beginner slope at the generally gentle Tahoe area ski resort of Northstar, a skilled ski instructor wearing a helmet and all his safety equipment died.

What apparently happened was this. To avoid a snowboarder who had lost control on an icy patch, the 35-year-old instructor veered off the groomed slope and skied into the woods. There, his skis may have hit a snow-covered rock, and he was tossed into a ditch. Despite the life-saving efforts of first responders, he succumbed to his injuries where he lay.

The instructor was Dennis Baltimore, only child of grieving parents, father of a 6-month-old daughter named Zoe, loving partner of Jillian Torrez.

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