TCPUD looking to build treatment plant

Tahoe City Public Utilities District is considering building a water treatment plant on the West Shore.


Three locations are being considered:

  • Lodge Road for water treatment plant (WTP) and Chambers Landing for the lake intake
  • Chamberland Drive WTP and Chambers Landing lake intake
  • Lagoon Road WTP and McKinney Shores lake intake.


Each of the potential WTP sites are vacant parcels located west of Highway 89.

The project will be discussed by the TCPUD Sewer & Water Committee on May 7 at 8am, TCPUD board room, 221 Fairway Drive, Tahoe City. There will also be a public workshop May 9 from 9-11am at Chambers Landing Restaurant, 6300 Chambers Lodge Road, Homewood.

The environmental documents are anticipated to be released in June.