LTN tidbit 30: A big thank you for keeping LTN in the black

May is 31 tidbits about Lake Tahoe News month.

LTN tidbit No. 30:

Lake Tahoe News is in the news business. That last word – business – is in many ways the unpleasant part of the whole process. If it were just about writing, editing, photographing and publishing – well, it would be all about the reader, as we’ve mentioned before.

But it costs money to pay the people who are responsible for Lake Tahoe News. And we really do like writing checks, but we also need to be cashing some to make the whole business thing work.

Right now we want to thank the people who have us making deposits. It is because of advertisers, donors and paid subscribers that we are able to keep going day in and day out.

We would like to give special recognition to the advertisers who started with us in 2009 and are still part of the Lake Tahoe News ad team: Barton Health Care, Deb Howard Realtor, Lake Tahoe Community College, Sierra-at-Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe Parks and Recreation, and South Tahoe Refuse.

And thank you to everyone who has donated through the years – for believing in what we are doing and knowing any start-up is fragile – and starting any business in a recession, is well, use your own adjective.

Paid subscriber forms are rolling in. We thank all of you as well. These contributions have run the gamut, but no matter the contribution amount, knowing you want to be part of the team is appreciated beyond words.

Here is information about becoming a paid subscriber.