LTN tidbit 23: Tahoe’s only 7-day week news source focuses on accuracy

May is 31 tidbits about Lake Tahoe News month.

LTN tidbit No. 23:

Lake Tahoe News was born from the frustration of the publisher knowing what she knew wasn’t getting published and unable to imagine what she didn’t know that wasn’t getting published. Simply, we saw a need for a better, timelier news venue that came out more often. We decided to fill that need.

Tahoe – the entire basin – is a region rich with news. People are doing interesting things, have interesting stories to tell. Elected officials are doing what they believe is right. The environment, outdoors, education, entertainment – they and all the other topics need to be covered.

We are here to tell those stories.

Until Lake Tahoe News came around, there had never been a daily source for news anywhere in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Being online we can update stories quickly, fix errors and fix typos.

We aren’t perfect. No news source ever can or will be. But we do strive for accuracy. Please excuse our typos – one day we’ll have a fulltime editor who will help eliminate those.

Our philosophy is to deliver news in a timely fashion that has been researched and is well written. Our egos want us to be first and to scoop the other media. Our professionalism mandates we be accurate and as thorough as possible before pushing the publish button.

We like to say we write for the readers – not ourselves, not the politicians, and never for the advertiser.

We know, as long as LTN has the current ownership, it can never be bought by any advertiser. This means an advertiser cannot influence editorial copy. Our news hole is not for sale.

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