RAOK: Neighbor clears the driveway of snow

Becky Fortier will be eating at Cork and More soon because of her kindness and the gourmet food store’s generosity.

Becky, without being asked, cleared a friend’s driveway of snow this weekend while one half of the couple was at work and the other was inside with a broken ankle.

Random Acts of Kindness is the monthlong promotion Lake Tahoe News is putting forth to bring more kindness to the basin, even the world. The idea is to do something nice for someone else, or to recognize a nice thing done to you, or one you see.

Now, all you have to do is write about the kindness. At the end of the story, tell us about the kindness you have been a witness to, did or received.

There are a few rules associated with Random Acts of Kindness. If you want to read them, check out this story.