RAOK: Making a meeting not be standing room only

It’s amazing how the simplest of gestures are such Random Acts of Kindness. Joel Dameral getting up to get others a chair from the stack in the back of the room at the Lake Tahoe Unified School District meeting last night didn’t go unnoticed. A fellow district employee nominated him to be a Lake Tahoe News Random Acts of Kindness winner while at the meeting.

Joel will be receiving a gift certificate to Sprouts for his kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness has been going on all month. It’s Lake Tahoe News’ way to get people to slow down, look at the kindness that is going on and acknowledge it. If you witness an act of kindness, are the recipient of kindness or are the giver of kindness, let everyone know about it by writing a comment below.

Each day someone is picked as the “winner” and then receives a gift from one of the many kind businesses in Lake Tahoe that have graciously donated a reward.

Random Acts of Kindness has a week left. What is your kindness?

There are a few rules associated with Random Acts of Kindness. If you want to read them, check out this story.