RAOK: Giving up birthday gifts to help pandas

Jessika Roberts’ daughter Mirella has a thing for helping pandas. Jessika nominated Mirella in Lake Tahoe News’ Random Acts of Kindness because the youngster would prefer money be sent to help the pandas than spent on a material birthday gift for herself.

A Friend of Tallac membership for the 2012 Valhalla Art and Music Festival is their reward for being so generous.

Random Acts of Kindness is Lake Tahoe News’ way to get people to take the time to be kind — and then write about it so everyone can be inspired. At the end of this story write about a RAOK you saw, did or received. Then you will be in the running for a prize donated by one of the many kind businesses in the basin.

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There are a few rules associated with Random Acts of Kindness. If you want to read them, check out this story.