RAOK: From dinner for his wife to watching the Giants

Bruce Brown is going to see the May 19 baseball game at AT&T Park courtesy of Lake Tahoe News. The San Francisco Giants host the Oakland A’s that day.

He and whomever he chooses to take are going because Brown was randomly chosen as the latest winner of Lake Tahoe News’ Random Acts of Kindness promotion. Based on his Act of Kindness — surprising his wife with dinner — the second ticket may be spoken for already.

It’s free and easy to participate. All you have to do is perform a Random Act of Kindness, witness one or be the recipient of an act. Then tell us about it via a comment at the bottom of this story.

Each day through the month of January someone will be rewarded by a business in Lake Tahoe.

If you haven’t been picked, just keep trying. Winners are picked randomly.

For more details about Random Acts of Kindness and the few rules associated with it, check out this story.