40% of Fallen Leaf Lake’s board resigns

Fallen Leaf Lake Community Services District is in need of two members to fill out the five-member board because David Stumbos and Tom Barber resigned earlier this month.

At the March board meeting the remaining three members — Wanda Kownacki, Stephanie Neidig and Tom Bacchetti – are expected to decide whether the vacancies should be filled by appointment or special election.

The board that controls what goes on in the development that surrounds the South Shore lake has come under fire regarding who is allowed to vote in elections and therefore be on the board making decisions.

While Bacchetti did not elaborate as to why these board members resigned, if either were to be convicted of voter fraud, their respective law and medical licenses could be in jeopardy. Neither Stumbos or Barber returned calls.

Bacchetti in his report to district members said, “We are pretty confident that if there are no expense surprises, the year will end well.”

However, there was nothing in the report about the ongoing wrongful termination lawsuit by Tom Barnes, the former general manager of the CSD, and what it is doing to the bottom line.

— Kathryn Reed