Nonprofit established for Angora survivors lives on — just in case

While the last check for Angora Fire victims was cut a year ago, the nonprofit Community Disaster Resource Center still exists.

No physical presence exists in South Lake Tahoe anymore, but board members meet once a year – partly because of legal reasons, partly to make sure they want to keep the group going.

“What we have done is we saved enough money in the fund to keep us operational for the near future, like 10 years, so we are still a nonprofit organization ready to go in action if there is any community need,” explained Dick Schwarte, president of CDRC.

Originally the group was called the Angora Relief Fund. It was set up to assist the 254 owners who lost their houses in the June 2007 inferno as well as renters.

The remaining landscaping vouchers were redeemed in summer 2010. That is the last any money was spent other than routine fees to maintain a nonprofit.

Schwarte said while the group hopes to never have to be called into action again, if that day does come, the CDRC is established and ready to help where needed.

— Kathryn Reed