Wreath-building at South Tahoe library

Friends of the Library is sponsoring an autumn wreath-making workshop with Anna McLeod on Oct. 1 at noon.

Bring the following supplies:

Wreath frame: sturdy wire, grapevine or straw.

2 spools florists’ green paddle wire

Wire cutters and scissors or garden clippers

2-3 grocery sacks of 6-8 inch pieces of plant materiel: sagebrush, laurel, dried leaves, etc. Any autumn foliage that will hold its leaves and shape when it dries.

Pretty things to trim your wreath: small pine cones, berries, moss, citrus twigs, straw, dried flowers, etc. Keep in mind that an outdoor wreath might attract a hungry bear.

Ribbon – at least 6 feet high quality ribbon. Wide ribbon shows up the best.

This program is best suited to teens and adults. Call (530) 573.3185 for additional information. The event is free. The library is at 1000 Rufus Allen Blvd., South Lake Tahoe.