Bijou Bash better than before

“It accomplished exactly what we were trying to do.”

Those are the words of Gary Moore, South Lake Tahoe Parks and Recreation director, in regards to Saturday’s Bijou Bash.

What had been an annual event that died out a few years ago was resurrected this year as an event whose focus was all about locals.

Despite a downpour late in the afternoon, all who attended seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Kids scampered up, in, on and around the massive pieces equipment brought out by the city’s Public Works Department. Daniel Hoeppner, 6, was most enthralled by the new street sweeper that has two steering wheels. His aunt had a hard time getting him to climb out of the big blue contraption.

Firefighters were giving out plastic hats — which Riley Sullivan, 5, and Dakota Thomas, 6, thought were styling.

Lots of kids were checking out the fire engines and police cars.

Marcia Sarosik (aka Miss Marcia) came prepared with a slew of dancers who enthralled the crowd.

Throughout the all-day fun fest were floor hockey demonstrations, the Tahoe Derby Dames bumping into each other, skater dudes doing tricks, dogs running around an agility course, and kids bouncing up and down.

Dog lovers brought their four-legged friends.

With the throngs of people streaming in via bike and being shuttled over from Lake Tahoe Community College, it proves events are what this town needs. Friends were catching up with each other, families were having fun at a free event.