1-week reprieve to save South Tahoe fireworks

By Kathryn Reed

STATELINE – Light up Lake Tahoe may be redefined. There’s a good chance it will be the stars that people will be enjoying this Fourth of July instead of fireworks in South Lake Tahoe.

The Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority board of directors at an emergency meeting March 27 decided that if the lawsuit brought against LTVA and Pyro Spectaculars by a Marla Bay couple cannot be resolved or dismissed by April 4, then there will be no fireworks on the South Shore this July 4 or Labor Day weekend — or ever again.

The resolution that was unanimously adopted after 2½ hours of testimony and deliberations further states, “LTVA shall not contract for events, including, but not limited to, the fireworks displays.”

Fireworks on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe may be a thing of the past. Photo/Howie Nave

Fireworks on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe may be a thing of the past. Photo/Howie Nave

The issue has been percolating since shortly after last year’s July 4 fireworks show when debris started washing up on Pinewild Beach where Joan and Joe Truxler live. They filed a lawsuit last fall with the goal of getting some agency to have oversight of the displays and to have better cleanup at the lake. They repeatedly say they want the lake protected, not to shutdown the 35-year-old show.

Carol Chaplin, LTVA executive director, said the Truxlers never contacted her agency. And she is of the belief that a lawsuit was always planned because legal documents arrived so soon after the Labor Day show that the Truxlers had to have already retained their attorney.

But there is no agency that issues permits involving the fireworks and the lake. Fire departments permit the barges and the actual explosives.

The lawsuit

The Truxlers are invoking the federal Clean Water Act. The lawsuit claims each mortar launch is a separate violation and should come with a fine of $37,500. More than 100 rockets are set off just on July 4. The fines can be retroactive up to five years. If they were to succeed, that penalty would be more than $70 million.

And it was repeatedly stated that this would bankrupt the South Shore’s tourism agency.

“The risks to the LTVA are so overwhelming it would be better to get out of the fireworks business,” Lew Feldman, attorney representing LTVA, said.

Even if the LTVA says no more fireworks, the lawsuit is still active.

The expense of fighting the litigation could possibly bankrupt the agency, too. This is because it would be a case of first impression, meaning no court in the country has issued an opinion that fireworks violate the Clean Water Act. It could take years to resolve, especially if appeals and higher courts are involved.

Kim Gallick, executive director of the Rudolph Monte Foundation in Aptos, was one of the 36 people to speak Thursday. Everyone who spoke was in favor the fireworks, wanting to keep the lake and beaches clean; with most speaking of the economic impact if the fireworks go away; as well as the desire to work with the Truxlers.

What Gallick brought to the table is the experience of running an organization that also has a fireworks display in a pristine area – the Monterey Bay Sanctuary. She offered to share their procedures for cleanup, but also is worried the lawsuit will impact her group.

“I believe the lawyer is the problem,” South Lake Tahoe City Manager Nancy Kerry said of Mike Lozeau who is representing the Truxlers. “This would be precedent setting.” She said it would affect fireworks displays from coast-to-coast.

Kerry said she spoke with Joe Truxler this week and believes a resolution can be found. She believes Lozeau is the stumbling block because he wants to make a name for himself.

Lozeau is well known with many in Tahoe. He has often represented the League to Save Lake Tahoe and has successfully sued the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

Impacts to the community

Mediation between the two sides fell apart this month. Now there is one more week to find a resolution before the LTVA will be out of the fireworks business and the South Shore out of millions of dollars in revenue.

B Gorman, Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce executive director, said $34.672 million is what the Fourth of July weekend represents to the area just in terms of lodging dollars. At a minimum, most businesses said that holiday represents 15 percent of their annual income.

Some who spoke said they are getting inquiries about whether they should cancel their reservations because it’s the fireworks they come for. Wait a week is the answer.

Possible oversight

Part of the lawsuit is that the Truxlers want the fireworks to be regulated. Tahoe Douglas Fire Chief Ben Sharit said his agency is willing to be the permitting agency. That offer was presented during mediation and rejected.

On the California side of the lake, where the South Shore pyrotechnics are shot off from, it would be the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board that would issue a permit.

“Water boards are allowed up to 140 days to issue a permit once we have received a complete application. The soonest we could consider a permit is about 90 days from receipt of a completed application,” Lauri Kemper with Lahontan told Lake Tahoe News.

The fee would likely be $1,452, which is category 3 – the lowest threat to water quality.

The San Diego Water Board is the only agency that has issued a permit for fireworks. It’s for the Sea World display.

“The permit requires a BMP plan, including requirements for debris removal and consideration of pyrotechnics with lower quantities of perchlorate, and completion of a post fireworks report, found here – estimating quantity of debris cleaned up/removed,” Kemper said. “This example would be similar to a permit that the Lahontan Water Board might develop and consider if an application were received. The board may consider imposing additional monitoring requirements.”

One way to avoid the Lahontan requirements would be to move the barge closer to Edgewood Tahoe or anywhere in Nevada.

“The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection encourages the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority and its contractors to continue compliance with any applicable local permits, plans or requirements. NDEP does not require additional oversight of the twice a year firework displays,” JoAnn Kittrell with the Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources told Lake Tahoe News in January.

The EPA is above Lahontan and the NDEP. That agency has not received a fireworks permit to review.

Discrepancies and other issues

While the Truxlers claim to have collected thousands of pieces of debris, it is not all from the LTVA show.

Sharit said debris was from illegal displays and that some of the trash was just that – trash like bottles, shoes and other items. He added that the Truxlers did not contact his agency after the Labor Day show.

Cherise Smith’s family has had a house on the first privately owned beach past Nevada Beach on the Nevada side since 1946. For 35 years she has watched the Fourth of July fireworks.

“I have never experienced debris,” she told the board. “We think you have done a great job. And our water comes straight from the lake into our pump. If we felt there was a problem of any type, if there were pollution, we would be the first to complain.”

Cameron McKay, general manager of Kingsbury General Improvement District, said, “I’m willing to commit resources to LTVA to do water sampling. The lake is our water supply.”

The district does regular testing.

“We test for parts per billion and we get non-detect,” McKay said.

Going forward

It was left Thursday that Feldman would work with the courts to try to reactivate the mediation process. The course of action is for the community to try to engage the Truxlers. Their phone number was being handed out as the more than 100 people in attendance left the meeting.

It’s also possible a group of community members will meet with the Truxlers. Nevada Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki and California state Sen. Ted Gaines, R-Roseville, spoke first and both urged that a resolution be found to keep the fireworks alive. They also offered their offices as a means to work on compromise.

Another casualty in all of this is the fireworks show that NBC and American Century had planned for the 25th anniversary of the American Century Championship Golf Tournament in July.

The lawsuit does not, at this time, affect any other fireworks around the lake.

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Comments (55)
  1. Dogula says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    What miserable people. Ruining an event that thousands of people have enjoyed for years. Simply amazing.
    I don’t see how they can continue living here. They will be persona non grata for sure. Who would perform any kind of services for them? I sure wouldn’t work for them if they tried to hire me. No, I don’t think this will be a very pleasant place for them to retire.

  2. Tahoe Mom says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    How does the South Tahoe fireworks make a difference to water quality, but Camp Rich, Tahoe City, Incline, Kings Beach shows don’t? This lawsuit is a joke!

  3. orale says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    Dog – miserable?

    Pot, kettle, etc. etc.

  4. MARLA ZEPHYR says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    I think that it is interesting that Kim Gallick, executive director of the Rudolph Monte Foundation in Aptos was brought in this evening to speak in favor of the fireworks yet she was unable to produce a firework show in 2013.

    I have to ask, what is so wrong with protecting the water quality of Lake Tahoe? Isn’t that why we live here?1? Would we live here if the lake was murky? Do you actually think that tourists will choose another 4th of July destination if there are no fireworks? Just wait until the liberals of San Fransisco Bay find out that the fireworks are polluting the lake- they will boycott the South Shore and we will all be hurting.

    Are we saving Lake Tahoe or killing it slowly? I vote that we save the lake.

  5. SC Tahoe says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    There is nothing wrong with protecting the lake. But to cancel two firework displays because someone went and deliberately searched for what amounts to one trash bag full of paper is amazing.

    Just wait until the liberals of San Francisco find out that the forest service intentionally sets the forest on fire sending tons of debris into the lake and smoke into the sky…all the time. Then they will boycott the…no they won’t.

  6. Jim Wire says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    My concern as a resident ofLake Tahoe is that if the fireworks are cancelled then that will only encourage hundreds of other people to do their own fireworks. It will create a fire danger which will be the driest year of recent memory. I think that In light of the potential fire danger the fireworks should be reconsidered. Its only common sense.

  7. Total recall says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    Two words, Laser light show. Ok that’s three. But pollution in Lake Tahoe takes 650 years befor it is flushed out. Why risk it

  8. pine tree says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    Thanks truxlers now your attorney wants to make a infamous name for himself at everyones expense. Selfishnes and pride on both your parts. Hope your happy.

  9. Parker says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    I’m no legal expert. But sounds like we need something done at the Federal Level?! Both CA & NV have some powerful Senators. Can their influence lead to amending or altering The Clean Water Act so as to indemnify our fireworks shows? Doubt anything could happen by this July 4th, but for the future?

    And bad or as harmful as this lawsuit is, giving out The Truxlers phone #? To outsiders that sure makes us locals look pretty backwards in how we deal with those with whom we have disagreements!

    Again, the lawsuit is wrong, cancelling the fireworks very damaging, and I bet I’ll feel it directly! But giving out their phone #?

    Changing the Fed. Law won’t be easy, but that sure seems like a more civilized route?!

  10. MARLA ZEPHYR says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    They have found more than 8,000 pieces of firework pollution. That is more than one trash bag.

    Are we going to be stewards of the land or simply destroy it?

  11. Hmmm... says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    I have to agree with Marla…people love to ‘do the right thing’ unless they are profiting from doing the wrong thing. There is nothing wrong with requiring whoever does the fireworks show to clean up afterwards. Demonize anyone lately Dog? Or am I making an assumption?

  12. Chief Slowroller says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    sounds like Old Carol needs to get a new Job.

    the City of South Lake Tahoe used to put on the Fireworks display in the 70′s and early 80′s.

    79 they did not have the money so no show, so we went to Tahoe City for their show.

    the Fire dept. collected donations at the Big Tree. as folks drove thru town.

    maybe we can have a smaller show and pull it off like the Old Days.

  13. BlueWatersAqui says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    I say the 8000 number is untrue – where’s the trash/photos of the trash. As someone who has picked up trash on the beaches year-round for almost 30 years, the human factor (diapers, cigarette butts, food, clothing, etc) is a bigger problem way more than the fireworks. The boom/buoy idea that someone put out a few days ago sounds doable and there are many groups that get out there the morning after, maybe extend the effort a few more days. And promote the philosophy: ‘bring it on to the beach/pack it out TOO’ on the event ads and PSA’s.

    The Truxlers and that lawyer need to show more commonsense and an ability to work with OUR community.

  14. Joby says - Posted: March 27, 2014

    Is the lake murky??? Come on be real, get your facts straight. Ridiculous snobs with a personal agenda. Zero concern for the lake. The economy, job market, stability for the community is what’s murky. Carol Chaplin is an incredible woman that does a fantastic job. She is nothing but sensible. You can’t fight stupid, so what you do is walk away. Then who does stupid fight?

  15. careaboutthecommunity says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Asking for someone to be responsible for the cleanup of the firework debris was reasonable.

    Having to work at getting someone to take responsibility is par for the course very often.

    Filing a lawsuit for 70 million dollars has set them apart from the majority of citizens, and has put them on the wrong side of this issue.

    We love our lake, we are the stewards of it, but the Truxler’s have set themselves apart from us, they are not like us. Because we don’t have that kind of money, we would go through the regular channels, and stay on it, also most people are not “sue happy”; which is also how this comes across, someone who thinks they are special and people should jump when these people want something done.

    It must be pretty lonely at the lake when you really don’t fit in with the majority.

  16. M.M. Tahoe says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    I was appalled when I saw the images and video of the trash/shrapnel/debris collected by the Truxlers (though I am not convinced that all of it is from Pyro Tech)… I was equally appalled reading all 15 pages of the lawsuit filed in November. This lawsuit does not allow for the “fireworks shows to continue” as the Truxlers so earnestly keep stressing they wish to see happen. This lawsuit leaves absolutely no room for compromise…a threat of $75 MM in fines, invoking the Clean Water Act, and shifting final approval powers to the Environmental Protection Agency. Really? This lawsuit has one aim: end the fireworks for good. Two people and one VERY powerful environmental lawyer should not have this much power over a community. It is simply wrong. Tahoe locals love this lake as much as the Truxlers. If they SINCERELY wanted to solve the trash problem while also keeping the fireworks shows in Tahoe they would have 1)contacted the LTVA and 2) they would not have hired Mike Lozeau.

  17. BitterKlinger says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    The Truxlers are registered Democrats. Any questions?

    Liberals are the most miserable people on earth.

    But let me assure you, there will be fireworks on the lake this 4th of July. I will personally bankroll them and ensure that they’re launched near the Truxlers home.

  18. Local says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Does anyone know if the Truxlers live at their Marla Bay home full time?

  19. Biggerpicture says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    What’s next? Outlawing sunbathing and swimming at Lake Tahoe? Is someone going to tell us that sunscreen and suntan lotion is ruining the clarity of The Lake?

  20. Level says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Bitter, is Steve Wynn a liberal? It was his push while on the TRPA board that resulted in the banning of two-stroke engines on Lake Tahoe.

  21. Haddi T. Uptahere says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Yep, grab you torches and pitchforks and lets all go to the Truxlers castle and get the monster!
    We live in a country where the system allows for litigation to solve disputes. Giving out these folks phone number so that they can be
    harassed is SO WRONG!

  22. sunriser2 says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Jim Wire gets it.

    Thousands of drunks with their own fireworks. Great job protecting the lake Truxlers.

  23. Frank says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Oh Haddi, you are so on your own. Truxlers are bringing this community to its knees and are afraid of hearing about it from people? Truxlers file a lawsuit, now demand money to drop it, and should answer for what they are doing to this town. They are going to be forever known as those who sued over trash rather than anything else they did in their lives. Their demands are irresponsible. Haddi, when governors send representatives to publicly stand against the Truxler’s and their approach to suing over trash clean up, when Senators from Sacramento make the trip up here to say the same, when environmentalists and conservatives state to state, small and large business stand united against the actions of two people trying to shut down our community, they need to realize they will not be able to live here in peace if they continue with this. No one is disputing the need to clean up better, everyone is disputing the need to sue and then extort money to drop it.

  24. Barbara Childs says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Thank you, Jim Wire, for stating common sense!

  25. Dogula says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Level, yes, Steve Wynn IS a liberal. He was an Obama supporter, until it started costing him.

  26. suspicious mind says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Just remember the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions. And now the chickens are coming home to roost.
    Keep on enjoying the “Clean Water Act” and its sequelae.
    This overly broad and detailed and complicated law with ridiculous standards (just like TRPA) has ruined the honest lives of countless Americans and now Tahoe tourists and businesses and residents can feel the pain. Don’t you love junk science.
    Keep on enjoying the jewel? of the sierras while you can, suckers.
    And don’t forget also to enjoy the “famed clarity” that not one person in ten thousand outside of the basin is aware of.
    Our ox is now the one being gored. How do you like dem
    I am ready for the naysayers and critics so go for it.

  27. go figure says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Sure wish I had the phone numbers of dogzilla, cj bk, and runnels so we could call them and tell them what great citizens they are. Of course the area code for cjbk isnt local cuz he lives in oregon. They are such model citizens and are so pure and good. We should all want to be like them. NOT

  28. Raina H. says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Boycott the Truxlers. We don’t need their business. If we are cleaning up trash let’s clean up the lawsuit happy trash as well. Is anyone else feeling emotional stress over the possibility of this lawsuit affecting your business? Maybe we should sue the Truxlers for pain and suffering…

  29. TahoeBob says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    I can see why the LTVA is running scared. Last time Mike Lozeau faced off with Lew Feldman in court, Lozeau ran roughshod all over him. Read the Sierra Colina decision for a preview of what’s to come!

  30. 4-mer-usmc says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Information on the Truxler’s attorney, Michael Lozeau, can be viewed through the following web address:


    After perusing the above website it is clear to me that Lozeau wants to add the termination of fireworks displays to his list of “notable accomplishments” and his starting point is South Lake Tahoe. I believe that Lozeau and the Truxler’s would like to consider themselves the environmental equivalent to the Civil Rights heros of the 1960’s and are willing to take the heat to get what they want. They will never negotiate and there won’t be a resolution allowing the fireworks. Face it folks, the elimination of the fireworks is a done deal. These types of people know exactly how to get their way, they have the resources to do it, and they don’t care who they step on in their quest. Public outrage will make no difference. It is my opinion that their supplementary goal is to eliminate all tourists and cripple the economy of the South Shore and to eventually rid the area of all those locals whom they consider “unwanted” so that these and other self-entitled elitists can have Tahoe as their own country club. This “Bay Area tactic” is not new and I’ve seen this happen on other occasions.

  31. TahoeKaren says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    I agree with Tahoe Mom. Why is South Shore being targeted when there are several other fireworks shows on the lake? Shouldn’t they be addressed as well? Or perhaps this is a personal vendetta against South Lake Tahoe?
    Just sayin’

  32. J&B says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    It’s unfortunate that rather than simply clean up after themselves, the LTVA and the people who do the fireworks show are instead trying this in the court of public opinion and encouraging people to what, harass this couple? What century are we in again?

    All the time and effort being used to demonize the couple and attorney, to put out media messages with dramatic claims, and so on, could probably pay for the clean up after the fireworks show for years to come.

    People love Lake Tahoe. It’s all we’ve got. We may not even have much snow to offer visitors in 10 or 20 years. But the lake will presumably still be there, and we need to protect it.

    It’s not stopping the fireworks. It’s being responsible and cleaning up afterwards. Sounds pretty black and white to me, so thanks to LTVA for creating all of this distress and animosity in our community because you don’t want to clean up the very resource you rely on to get visitors to the Basin? People should not be calling the Truxlers to complain, they should be calling the LTVA and telling them to grow up and do right by the Lake – and us.

  33. Dogula says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Gofigure, why would you want to call and harass people just because their opinions differ from yours? WE are not suing anybody, or stopping the flow of business in this town. We just express our ideas, as YOU are free to do also. I don’t like a lot of what you say, but I would never think of phoning you, or seeking you out to harass you.
    People who seek to silence the opinions of others ought to think long and hard about their motivations. There’s a reason we have a 1st Amendment. For folks like you.

  34. James says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    J&B, your logical, reasoned opinion has no place on this forum! Everybody grab your pitchforks!!!

    What a thug move giving out the Truxlers home phone number.

  35. Ryan Payne says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    It was only a matter of time, people…

    If you haven’t been on a boat for the 4th of July, you probably have not seen the debris firsthand on the surface of the lake right after the fireworks….(note that it is dark at that time and most of it sinks before morning)

    The hypocrisy in this event is staggering with so many people cheering as explosives are launched directly over and in to the lake that we all love and wish to protect.

    Maybe nobody has noticed the uber-wealthy that visit and live here amongst us commoners. You know the types I write of: the ones with lots of power and money to burn… Just think how it only took a couple of them to bring this entire community with all of its powerful agencies to its knees. I am truly surprised it has taken this long for a lawsuit to occur.

    Plain and simple, it looks like it is time for us all to take our medicine (no matter what side of the issue you are on) and try to remember that banning 2 stroke engines on the lake was once considered a doomsday scenario for our local economy.

    As with most complex matters, it is not black and white. Valid points have been made on both sides of the issue and we live in a country with a legal system which allows for our differences to be worked out in a court of law.

    Finding a better way will be the ‘spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.’

    Just my two cents…


  36. Hmmm... says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    “But let me assure you, there will be fireworks on the lake this 4th of July. I will personally bankroll them and ensure that they’re launched near the Truxlers home.”-Bitterklinger

    Awesome. Make it happen. I wonder what kind of permits and fees go along with personally bankrolling that. Ensuring they’re launched near someones home? I hope that if it breaks any laws you go to prison. Speaking of laws, does the Constitution guarantee the Truxler’s the right to do what they are doing?

  37. Haaaa says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Don’t the pine trees contribute more degredation to the lake (pollen) than 2 fireworks displays? Much ado about nothing.

  38. Kill the Golden Goose says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    People calling for these people to ‘go away’ or be ‘run out of town’ need to go look in the mirror.
    You are acting like some inbred Appalachian hamlet with yer ‘…git rid o them thyy don’t beelong ‘rownd theze hear parts’ mentality. Hypocrites.

  39. Hmmm... says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    People calling for these people to ‘go away’ or be ‘run out of town’ need to go look in the mirror.
    You are acting like some inbred Appalachian hamlet with yer ‘…git rid o them thay don’t beelong ‘rownd theze hear parts’ mentality. Hypocrites.

  40. go figure says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Gee dog, maybe you need to reread the first post on this rag. Tell me you arent Instigating some sort of retaliation against people who are also exercising their rights. The point is that anyone would give out someones personal info for the purpose of harassment is wrong and you obviously dont get sarcasim. I bet you are the first call they got. Im just suggesting we level the field for everyone with an opinion. I personally hope that this issue is addressed with a positive outcome for the lake and the south shore. Im guessing you just want the controversary to escilate so you can continue to have something to whine about and throw insults about.

  41. Scott Blumenthal says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    I feel the fireworks show on the Fourth of July is one of the top events here in South Lake Tahoe. It is one of the best fireworks shows in the nation! It is a crying shame this is happening. It clearly should not. There is no cause for this lawsuit. It most certainly can be worked out to a satisfactory end. I hear tremendous support for doing a better job of cleaning up, but apparently that is unnacceptable to the plaintiffs and their attorney. Perhaps, a counter suit(s) (as a last resort) can be filed on them. Either way the show should go on. :)

  42. reloman says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    I Know some people who when told about this said, cool Im going to pahrump, NV and get me some fireworks, maybe Ill even fire them off infront of the Truxlers home. They dont care if it is illegal. There will be hundreds of illegal fireworks going off this 4th count on it, and if you think the law enforcement will be able to stop it, it is doubtfull, as they never were able to in the past. People will celebrate it with fireworks anyway. Thanks Truxlers for the ill conceived lawsuit. Now we have to worry about the fires. Hopefully Mike Bradford, the NV lt govener and Sen. Gaines can get these people to see the light.

  43. reloman says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    For those that keep stating that the trah they collected were from the fireworks, it is obvious that you really did not care enough to attend the presentation last night. The Tahoe Douglas Fire department stated that they had inspected the debris that the Truxlers collected and a great majority was not from the fireworks show. Yes there was some fireworks but they were not professional grade. hey were fireworks lite by private parties not the LTBA.

  44. 4-mer-usmc says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Ryan Payne said “Maybe nobody has noticed the uber-wealthy that visit and live here amongst us commoners. You know the types I write of: the ones with lots of power and money to burn… Just think how it only took a couple of them to bring this entire community with all of its powerful agencies to its knees. I am truly surprised it has taken this long for a lawsuit to occur.”

    In the past I’ve heard people like those described above say that the “locals don’t deserve Tahoe”. These people know what they want, have the resources to achieve their goals, and the patience to implement and execute their plans. This is simply mid-to longer-range planning to that end. I’ll likely not live long enough to see it but would venture to guess that the entire socio-economic character of the South Shore will be completely different in another 15-20 years. Land in other Tahoe basin areas isn’t as plentiful or cheap as on the South Shore so this will be the target area for people with means to buy, make improvements, and eventually take control of. Property values will increase and these newcomers wanting to make the area upscale and demanding that the built environment equal the beauty of the natural environment won’t have a problem spending money to make that happen.

    Only my opinion but I saw this exact scenario take place in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s on the Peninsula and it didn’t take long for the uber-wealthy to buy out those of lesser means. Focusing on the elimination of the fireworks is looking at the little picture; the ensuing events are the big picture. This is the beginning of real change.

  45. Buck says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    The 4th of July is the busyest day of the year on Lake Tahoe. Thousands of people on boats and many more thousands on the beaches. People produce trash. High winds, waves and over full trash cans equals a mess for one or two days. 363 other days a year we have no problems. If we can not clean up for a couple of days then close Lake Tahoe to the people for that weekend.

  46. cheepseats says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Counter-sue for damages, if possible in this case. That is the ONLY thing that will get their attention. Otherwise, this whole situation is a fait accompli …

  47. cosa pescado says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Most people who have commented on this fail to acknowledge that the LTVA did pollute the lake. I wish they had done a better job with clean up and communication and not jeopardized this event.

  48. Old Long Skiis says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Some good comments and ideas on coming to a solution for keeping the fireworks as well as cleaning up the shoreline and debris in the lake.
    Unfortuntely alot of hateful comments about telling the Truxlers to leave town accompanied by lots of name calling and handing out their home phone number to people who are incensed about this whole thing…NOT COOL!!!
    Lets be cohesive as a community and not divisve. Together we can find common ground with a little give and take from all sides.
    If the folks responsible for making the mess would clean up after themselves and that goes for all partys involved we wouldn’t be where we are now. The pyro technic co., boaters, beach goers… all need to clean up so nothing is left behind. With more volunteers walking the shoreline and more scuba divers retrieving sunken trash, this can be done.Thanks, OLS

  49. Unicorn says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    “if the folks responsible for the mess would clean up . . .”
    Yes, if if if. But the Truxlers cleaned up more personal people’s messes than the pyrotechnic company’s mess. That came out at the meeting. They want to stop the fireworks. They don’t like the masses of tourists here and they are going to stop it.
    How can we be cohesive rather than divisive when the people who started the law suit will not work with the community?

  50. Steven says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Less Tourists, that what the lawsuit will cost. But, the town will sell out anyway, it’s the biggest holiday of the summer. The only ones not coming will be the day trippers who come for the show and go home. How much do they actually spend here, and how much trash do they leave on the beach, and how much traffic congestion is caused by the day trippers.
    No day trippers could be a great thing, you and I local might be able to find a pleasant spot at the beach ourselves this year.

  51. Total recall says - Posted: March 28, 2014

    Fireworks release phosphorous which “accelerates a process called eutrophication, which is the process that results in increased biomass, decreased lake clarity, decreased bottom oxygen, and increases the likelihood of cyanobacteria scums”

    How many regulatory agencies does it take to ignore this?

  52. rock4tahoe says - Posted: March 29, 2014

    Yeah! Let’s cast the first stone and the Truxler’s and run them out of town on a rail! That’s the answer people?

  53. Max Dog says - Posted: March 29, 2014

    Max Dog says – Posted: March 29, 2014

    At the ltva’s emergency meeting, ltva gave all in attendance the truxler’s personal information. I would call that intimidation and bullying at it’s best. ltva also failed to announce that there is a mediation in sacramento on Monday, mar. 31. in giving out the truxler’s personal information, it is like setting the rabid pit bull free. ….go get ‘em locals and strong-arm these people with threatening calls and hate mail. it’s not the wild,wild west anymore…locals please act respectable and be adults! i always believed our community was incredible, especially how we all come together when there is a crisis. let’s show this community and beyond how well we can behave.

  54. Hmmm... says - Posted: March 29, 2014

    Sorry for your disillusionment Max…but the sad truth is that so many of Tahoe’s citizens are petty, fear-based, small-minded, lacking the ability to think for themselves, do research or employ even the most rudimentary critical thinking skills(hey folks-if that statement pisses you off then you probably are one of the ones I’m referring to). They are focusing on the small issue- turning the Truxler’s into the problem… when they could be addressing the deeper issue of irresponsible behavior by those putting on the fireworks show, and reckless actions by the LTVA. Also, since LTVA gave out their personal information aren’t they liable for defamation?