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Opinion: Organic standards being eroded
  • Nearly half of voters open to changing Prop. 13

    By Jessica Calefati, Contra Costa Times SACRAMENTO — Proposition 13′s restrictions on property tax growth have been untouchable in California politics for almost 40 years, but a new Field Poll shows about half of voters are open to tweaking the landmark measure. Asked in a general way if they favor making some changes, 49 percent […]

  • Poll: Californians dislike Congress

    By Josh Richman, San Jose Mercury News Six times as many California voters disapprove of how Congress is doing its job compared with those who approve, a new Field Poll finds. But as dismal as that sounds, it isn’t even a record. The 13 percent approval rating Congress now boasts is better than the 9 […]

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  • Opinion: Organic standards being eroded

    By Ronnie Cummins The Organic Consumers Association has a long history of defending the integrity of organic standards. Last September, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, under pressure from corporate interests represented by the Organic Trade Association, made our job harder. They also made it more important than ever for consumers to do their homework, even […]

  • Baseball season opens Saturday in S. Tahoe

    South Tahoe Little League opening day is April 19. A parade of all the teams — representing 400 kids — will start from South Tahoe Middle School parking lot at 9am and travel down to the Al Tahoe fields. There will be a welcoming ceremony, national anthem, Color Guard to raise the flag CalStar will […]

  • Vaughn redeems himself in ‘Delivery Man’

    By Jeremy Miller Let me just open this by saying that I love Vince Vaughn. I’ve really missed him the past couple years and felt like maybe we’d lost him forever. I was definitely not a fan of “The Internship” and felt like it was a sad, desperate attempt to revive the comedic genius that […]

  • Suspected drug lab blows up in Truckee

    A house in Truckee was destroyed Wednesday when a drug lab blew up, according to police officers. Douglas Hall, 54, received burns to his face and hands, according to police. His girlfriend and daughter were not injured. Hall faces charges of suspicion of possession of concentrated cannabis, manufacturing controlled substances with chemicals and felony child […]

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Suspected drug lab blows up in Truckee

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Vaughn redeems himself in ‘Delivery Man’

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Tahoe sustainability projects receive TRPA funding

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Baseball season opens Saturday in S. Tahoe